Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Big Bill

It seems no one can escape the big bill. What is more, the big bill has the weight to go straight back to the House from the Senate to over ride our Michigan hero's valiant efforts in the House. (Casey is a whole 'nother story.) The health care bill has merit, but the abortion language MUST GO. A majority of America does not want it, yet the Democrats seem to turn their deaf ear upon her.

What is more dangerous is the size of the bill. This can only translate into trouble. Our Founding Fathers are probably turning in their graves to think that that which they desperately attempted to limit, has now tied the hands of the local-leveled governments. Hopefully, the states will reclaim their right to power the executive branch has stolen. I digress.

A choice was already made when the couple disrobed. After that, it is Mother Nature. A life has begun. Nurture it, and give him or her up for adoption. Do not kill because you want a second choice...and to support a bill to pay for the abortion with the hard-earned wages of Americans, most of whom choose life, is simply selfish!

Too much to say in one blog, but there it is. The first response to a riddle.